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A little more information about; We are a new ‘Video and live interactive broadcast portal’ We launched last year and have been building up a hand picked founder community of channel owners. Typically channel owners offer online viewers a variety of interesting, informative and entertaining viewing. We currently have over 300 channels and viewers are rapidly increasing daily. Whats great is that the viewers tend to stay on the site for much longer on average than they would on YT.

We have been described as ‘YouTube on steroids’ – as we have a whole lot more to offer content creators who already have or aspire to have their own online TV channel.  For example channel owners can:

·      Broadcast & stream live

·      Invite viewers on to their live video stage (up to six from an unlimited viewing audience) at any one time and swap them around for debates + Q &A’s + forums etc.

·      Schedule and broadcast Public or Private ‘meechats’ (live video chats)

·      Use their channel as a hub for ALL their content – not just video. Including articles, blogs, images, archive live broadcasts, downloadable content.

·      Brand and design their channel by completely customising their channel home page and channel wallpaper.

·      Create revenue streams through their content and channel by either monetising premium content/live shows- by levying pay per view fees. Fan funding – asking fans to leave gratuities to show appreciation, making their own deals with channel sponsors/advertisers & charging for downloadable content.

·      Have their own channel vanity name for viewers to access directly

·      Start a channel and use all the functionality including live video chats for FREE

·      Embed the live video player onto their own website (MeemeeTV White-label service)

Very soon channel owners will also have an automated ad facilitator - so advertisers can connect directly with content creators of their choice and make their deals direct - leaving out the YT middle man.

We are shortly seeking to take on series A funding and we are currently privately owned.

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by Lorraine Adams