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What type of people start their own TV channel? - Empowering content creators launched live last year and has rapidly built a community of online TV channel owners who are enjoying the rich features and opportunities they have not experienced from being channel owners on other portals such as YouTube.

For starters content creators can broadcast live from their channels. Not only that - they can broadcast public 'Meechats' to a live unlimited audience and invite some of their viewers - up to 5 - on to their video stage to join the broadcast for debates, or Q&A's, interviews etc. The broadcaster has complete control to swap them around so viewers feel engaged. The live broadcasts are automatically archived on channels.

Channel owners can also use their channels as a hub for ANY content - not just videos, including images, articles, downloadable content. Having a channel gets even better as they can monetise any of their content, the content creator has complete control. So if a channel owners wants to levy a pay-per-view fee, or add a 'Leave a gratuity' or 'Donate' button they can - regardless of whether they have 10 followers or a million viewers. channels can also be completely customised - allowing each channel owner to brand their channel.


So what type of users have opted to start a TV channel on and why?

From podcastors, to football fancasts, to entrepreneurs, Matchmakers and psychics, educators, Political speakers and daily christian sermons! They all love the empowerment allows them. Channels are free to start and use, and take a much more competitive cut than YouTube does from any money channel owners can generate from their channels.

There are live broadcasts daily and new content uploaded every hour! 

To interview some of the channel owners please contact:

Or message us on Twitter @meemeetv


by Lorraine Adams