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The Live Show - Press Release

Live interactive broadcasting & content platform – Introduces…



Hosted by Former World & European Boxing champions & Sky analysts

Darren Barker & Spencer Oliver

Join us for a ‘Decent Brewery’ beer for the launch

Thursday 14th January 8pm GMT (3PM EST)

This is a launch with a difference – Because you can attend from the comfort of your own home/office & your ‘Decent Brewery’ beer will be delivered directly to you!

The weekly broadcasts of  ‘The Live Show’ –are live as the name suggests - via pioneering new online TV portal and will include ‘pop up’ appearances from special celebrity and sporting hero guests, plus news of professional and amateur fights and interviews and special exclusive nuggets with all the boxing sports most interesting fighters. Viewers can request to join the live video stage to ask the hosts and guests questions or just watch and join in the banter.

During each weeks live broadcast’s Darren and Spencer may also include clips of the weeks events, interviews & even pranks which feature their celebrity pals and also reporting from various boxing and sporting events.

Former world champion Darren Barker who is also huge CFC fan and European champion and Sky Analyst Spencer Oliver saw the MeemeeTV platform as a vehicle to bring their own ideas on screen and for a global audience reach, incorporating what they know the viewing public want to watch. The guys recognise the future is in live and catch up online TV which is accessible globally across all devices. The pair are amongst the globes growing community of online social media TV stars. Meemee.TV are seen as the portal for the next generation YouTube stars - as the MeemeeTV platform offers their creators so many more rich features and opportunities to monetise their content - such as facilitating live, interactive broadcasts - than what is possible on a standard YouTube channel.

Watch live at 8pm Thursday 14th January – and to join the live video stage at any time during the live broadcast to pose questions to the hosts and guests sign in/create a login. RSVP if you want your ‘Decent Brewery’ beers delivered (Central London only)


For a more enjoyable viewer experience view using Chrome or Firefox browser and wear head/earphones to stop potential feedback/echo.

by The Live Show