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So in our last broadcast, we ran into another audio glitch!!  This time for one reason or another, (we still have yet to figure out what caused the glitch, but we do know it was tech based, not hardware), you got to hear silence, or background noise as we were getting ready to launch the show!!  Now, the thing is, even though it is kinda neat to hear the "behind the scenes" crap, it really put a drag on the start of the show for our viewers and listeners!!  Now we do believe that we have fixed this, but we do want to assure our new fans here on MeeMee.TV that we are working with the sites tech team to get everything squared away, and in perfect working order, (we are kinda perfectionists when it comes to our shows)

And seen as Rico decided to once again not show up for the show, we have decided we are just going to blame it all on him, even though he has nothing to do with the technical end of any of this.


So stay tuned, stay patient, and in the mean time, Stay freakie!!


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