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In the realm of absolute truth, light and darkness are the same. Darkness is as useful as light in the realm of absolute truth. The usefulness of darkness is in producing light. When darkness produces light, it guides it. Darkness will always be part of light. The strength of truth that produce light from darkness is what sustains light in the midst of darkness. Because the life of anything is in its source, light will always be surrounded by darkness. Those who are shrouded in darkness will never be free until they produce light. When the lands of the ancient Naphtali and Zebulun were afflicted because of darkness, God later set them free because they produced the light of their freedom. The light of the world is the spirit of truth. The value of light is in the strength it gives to truth to declare freedom.


Wherever there is darkness, bondage and death reigns and rules. Darkness preserves men for death. The hand of God’s deliverance is shortened when people are shrouded in darkness. No matter the level of prayer that those who are in darkness pray, they will never be free until they embrace light. The light they are expected to embrace is the light they produced. The light that is expected to extinguish darkness from our lives is expected to come from self-seeking. What people are taught is not meant to set them free. What is meant to declare people’s freedom must come from them. The prison-yard of death is housed in darkness and there is no amount of prayer that can free those who the shadow of death is sustained in their lives through darkness. Grave is a pit of darkness where ignorance reigns.

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