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We Will Be Here For Awhile!

Hello new and old fans!!  

There was a little bit of speculation, and rightfully so after a show of ours got cancelled right before airtime, as to whether or not we will be sticking around on, or if we would be possibly even ending the show all together.  Well, the news is good for those of you who like our show for it's medocrity, bad for those of you who think our entertainment value is wasted time!!

We are planning to stick around on for quite awhile, (as long as they allow us to!) to continue advancing our show in the way that we have been able to with this great new broadcasting medium.  Fans had been asking us for years to bring back the actual video cast part of the show, and this is the perfect way to be able to do it!!

So, let's continue to get freaky!!  The webshow watched by overly bored people everywhere can now be watched EXCLUSIVLEY HERE, on!!

by The FreakChild Experience