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How to join DAYT

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How to join brand new dating service 'DAYT'

How watching a short quick fire question round on video tells you more about potential suitors than a photo!
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'DAYT' - for singles who want to meet serious prospects!

Are you tired of dating apps? 

Do you feel demoralised when you go to meet someone you found online only to discover they are nothing like their photo or profile?

At DAYT our members post/watch short 25 second quick fire question videos before they decide to meet up!

Join 'DAYT' - FREE for the first 500 founder members. Send us your video and we will send you a free membership login.


All DAYT candidates are vetted. We only accept singles who are genuinely looking for a meaningful relationship/Partner. 

To apply: Send videos and information

(1) Send us a video no longer than 25 seconds long with the answers to the following questions.
Please include the questions as well as your answers in your video. You can have someone else ask you the questions, or you can just repeat the question yourself and say your answer. - QUESTIONS
a) Who is your celebrity crush?

b) Night owl or morning person?

c) Do you follow your heart or your head?

d) What is the one thing you are really good at doing? (Keep it clean please)

e) Favourite ice cream flavour 

NEXT - the following required information is for office use only and will NOT be shared on the DAYT channel

Please confirm you are single and genuinely looking to embark on a serious relationship.

Please confirm your email address

NEXT - The following information will appear on the profile accompanying your video.

2) Please send a photo

Please state how would you like suitors to make contact with you (NO TELEPHONE NUMBERS)
i.e. Specially set up email address, Twitter handle, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, other.

Please also send us the following information: 

Include the area/city where you are based

Your profile name: either first name or code name

State 3 words that most describe the sort of person you are looking for.



Our mailing address is: