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What type of therapy business do you want to run? Part 2

Hello again! Let’s take a look at how therapists in private practice make ends meet….

Please bear in mind that many, if not most, therapists do other things to support themselves, here are some of the most popular options:


  • Get a part time job
  • Work for a charity counselling client referrals. I work for Essex Mediation, I get paid about 50% of my original charge and the charity keep the rest, 
  • Work all over the shop treating clients, perhaps hiring office space in various locations. I have three, two in Essex and one in London. If you’re going to do that remember travel costs. 
  • Join another private practice, please bear in mind these organisations usually charge referral fees per client and room hire costs.
  • There might be other options - hunt around and try to be creative. I run Chelmsford Therapy Rooms, a membership organisation in Chelmsford, Essex where therapists can join up and and advertise for potential clients. I vet everyone (check their credentials I mean, I don’t send them for a rabies check…) and so any clients that come through to can see who does what. I charge advertising fees because I pay for the ad agency to direct potential clients to the website, not referral fees, so therapists don’t have to pay per client. As far as i’m aware my business is unique for my area but you never know there might be something similar in other areas of the country….


This brings me to my next point - whether to work from home. Lots of therapists do, but most of the ones I meet want to hire practice space because they don’t feel comfortable treating clients in their own personal space. I have worked from home, but personally i prefer to work from my private practice. I now rent out my room on an hourly basis to help other therapists. If you shop around you should hopefully be able to find at least serviced offices that might have something suitable. Lots of places charge by the half or full day, I wouldn’t recommend taking this on unless you know you can fill this half or full day with clients. You don’t want to waste money as a new business…

Next time: Your Brand and what it means to potential clients



by Jenny