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Channel: Christmatic Connectz
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Don't Compare Yourself

Do you compare yourself to other people? Do you have low self esteem, low self confidence and a lack of appreciation for your own self? I would like to tell you that you are a designer’s original.
There is only one you, you are eally unique, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, you’re filled with potential, talents and abilities. You’re special and if the people that you hang around with don’t think you are, that doesn’t mean you’re not. God made you and you are special to Him.
How you see yourself is very important because your perception of yourself determines how you think and act. If you see yourself as a nobody then you’ll begin to think and act like a nobody.

Jesus died for you because you are somebody, how many people do you know would die for you, more than likely none unless they’re truly in love with you. So stop living your life below average, hold your head up high and stand tall, confident of who you are. Let nothing and no one intimidate you, when it comes to achieving your goals be aggressive, be persistent, be consistent and success will be the result.

God Bless. From someone who cares.

by Jc Vibes