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Welcome To Adhntv

18:32:00am Naiah and Elli Toy Show 

18:32:20am How To Make Logo (Movie)

18:33:00am Teen Titans Go 

18:33:19am  Doki (Presschool Shows)

18:34:02am  GoldenWatteson 001 (Movie)

18:34:59am  Gumball 

18:36:10am. Yo-Kai Watch 

18:36:58am.  Gumball 

18:37:10am.  Adhntv News / Adhntv Weather 

18:49:10pm. Adhntv Movie

18:49:49pm. Crime Movie (Adhntv Dad)

18:50:09pm. Family Guy (Adhntv Dad)

19:19:08pm  We Bare Bears (Adhntv Dad)

19:19:30pm  Two Half Men (Adhntv Dad)

19:19:59pm. Prince Destroyed Dada (Adhntv Dad)

19:23:30pm  Big Baby (Adhntv Dad)

19:24:02am. GoldenWatteson 001 (Movie)

19:25:04am.  Powerpuff Girls

19:26:05am.  Gumball 

19:26:06am. Morning Adhntv 

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