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Live interactive streaming is the future

Has your agency yet to capitalise on the huge trend and lucrative potential for live interactive audience engagement - Live interactive streaming is the future. 
MeeMeeTV can offer you just the right platform and monetisation mechanism for your top artists to interact and engage with their audience on a live video stage.
Viewers need only click a link to be able to join a live interactive video chat with their favourite artists and actually have the chance to engage face to face for interviews and reviews. Our 'MeeChats' enable unlimited viewers to watch simultaneously and up to six engaged viewers at any one time can join the live video stage.
MeeChats can be scheduled in advance and marketed through a unique 'preview trailer page'. Would be event participants can watch a preview video of your clients beckoning their audience to join them at the scheduled time from anywhere in the world. 
Artists can opt to run free 'MeeChats' or levy a pay per view fee which can be transacted through our platform. Each live event can be enormously lucrative and they get to keep 80% of the revenue they generate through their MeeChats. There are also huge advertising possibilities - as a live engaged audience is far more valuable to brands than a site visitor or viewers who can 'skip' ads when watching pre recorded videos.
Live streaming is the future! MeeChats can be either scheduled as 'Private - invite only' or public. The MeeMeeTV platform can also act as a hub for any other content including videos, ebooks, articles and images which can also become chargeable to audiences.
To discuss further or to engage with us on a live demo please drop me a line.
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Lorraine Adams
CEO and Co founder

by Lorraine Adams