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Hood Evening News

Hood2Hood News Report 3/12/2017

Top Story:

Two Straight Men married each other, story is that the two best friends got married they figured that they were best friends from Kindergarten and grew up together in the same hood they still roll together in the streets and they are roommates, both have damn good jobs so they got married to share everything but proclaimed not to be gay my question is how did these straight brothers kiss in front of the man to prove that they were gay?

Hood Health: Second Hand smoke

When you walk down the street blowing trees even old folks enjoy or extremely ignore it. But if you want to smoke crack or Wet “Angel Dust” in public. Think of the people who smell it and get sick. Next time I’ll Punch A wet head in the face. A Big F.U.C.K YOU


Funny News:

Drunken Man Coming from a center city bar this man was so drunk that he sexually groped and assaulted a homeless man, of course the homeless man pressed charges and suing the shit out of the drunken man story is that he thought it was his girlfriend WTF does she looks like.



What real lesbians you know use a dildo??

85%of REAL lesbians do not have to use for a toy its usually at the request of the woman who needs to force someone who loves you to be what they’re not. Gay for play is not how real children of the night live, stop taking advantage of our gay community enough affirmative action on their chest without someone taking clear advantage of the situation.


Hood stocks

Loosie: the word on the streets a whopping 50% due to all the immigration raids, local stores have been having secret meetings about staying under the radar of any immigration issues.

Hood Home Businesses are up everybody is jumping on the band wagon of entrepreneur  


Hood Entertainment

The comedy show with Mr Rudolph Valentino who treated us at hood2hood station well , we all had such a wonderful time, new comedians great food it was live I got to meet some wonderful talent  pure enjoyment it was.

Aquil Ali & Lady Raven got a chance to see the DVD taping of the show, we were set up in the back room where all the fun was.





Exclusive Interview DJ Yung Scrap

Auditioned for Hood2Hood Station resident DJ, he passed the whole interview but because of the music content, Facebook live shut us down but he will and we will be back find him on his Facebook page rocking it ever Thursday night show some support.



Hood Senior Report

Legal free weed for seniors

All senior citizens should get free weed there is not a medical issue in general but yes including cancer can help seniors with a various number of issues, so if it ever gets really legalized it should be completely free for senior citizens.

Lucky baby numbers

  • 3.10.17 DOB
  • 1.0.11. Weight
  • 5.18 pm TOB
  • 19-inch Length


New Line Up

  • We have new shows coming out DR X has a new show on the heat called “Evil Angel” check that out on H2H station
  • We also have “A thin line between love and rage” with Lady Raven
  • Also Remember “Roast EM” will be back in 1 week

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