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Hood2Hood News 3/19/2017

With KC Glenn & Destynii Gamble

Hood news Missing persons

Missing Endangered Person – Samantha Coney – from the 3rd District

Mar 15, 2017 at 10:36 AM  Tags: 3rd Districtmissing personSamantha Coney

The Philadelphia Police Department needs the public’s assistance in locating Missing Person 18-year-old Samantha Coney. Samantha has an undisclosed mental condition that requires medication. She was last seen at Women of Hope-Lombard located at 1210 Lombard Street. Investigators received information that Samantha may cause harm to herself.

Samantha is 5’2”, 138lbs, dark complexion, with brown eyes and green curly shoulder length hair; she was last seen wearing a burgundy zip-up hoodie, dark colored baggy sweat pants, and blue and white sneakers.

Anyone with any information on Samantha Coney’s whereabouts is asked to please contact South Detective Division at215-686-3013 or call 911.









Hood News Top Story reported by Keisha Green on 3/15/17

Phone frauds from so called Dell or HP Tech to us lap top owners  

 They will try to call you and say “that we received an virus alert from your lap top “and use some fancy chancy name for the virus, but no that’s not it ,the fuckers also have you go to the store and buy a iTunes card for $70-100 dollars ,”you know to fix and kill the virus off your lap top “, then you call them back and you give them the numbers off the iTunes card. And they expect you to let them hack your laptop and while it’s supposed to be curing the virus they stealing your info and I tune money the number 786-786-1245 don’t you do it look for this number first the government grant shit now we fixing computers INDIA stop tripping we on to that ass.


Hood News Exclusive Story

I know you’ve seen the question floating around “should a teenager be arrested for perpetrating an adult?” the answer you gave is maybe.

Did you know that 65% of men and women are sitting in jail because a teen looked old enough to sit in a bar or go to the wines & sprits without identification?

 Or be in adult setting without anyone asking how old are you? But if you ask how would you know if they are lying are not? Do you ask for ID every time you meet someone? There is laws now that if you think an adult is a fake look them up or call the police and make a report but you have to have proof. you can sue the shit out of the teen’s family for your troubles.

Hood Health

Old weave in hood health today we are exploring the dangers of leaving in your weave too long, I understand that you pay a lot of money for hair and getting it put in. But you need to stop being cheap as shit and buy new weave you’ll look good on the outside but under that hair is a nest of dirt, scalp sores and some more shit that grows from all that like cradle caps or ring worm, Please buy new weave try it every 3 months in a sew in but get it cleaned and buy real good hair.

Funny Hood News

A adult obviously out of her mind has been going to school for her daughter since the 9th grade after 3 years of high school and everything that goes with it including proms and a boyfriend, it was discovered after she passed out from a pregnancy acquired in the school with the boyfriend, when she passed out the staff member who looked thru her bag to find her phone to contact someone because the woman on her emergency list didn’t understand why she was being called I guess not because the school staff found out that the woman was 32 years old posing as a 17 year old girl. The woman is in jail now for statutory rape and other charges. Sorry I can’t give a name or the source of the story but this second story I can

Charity Johnson, 34 was arrested for posing as a 15-year-old Texas high school sophomore for nearly an entire year. The jig was up after Johnson’s adoptive family grew suspicious of her identity, according to KLTV.

Johnson, who had attended New Life Christian School in Longview since October, used the alias Charite Stevens, and claimed that both of her biological parents were deceased.

Johnson also claimed that her biological father had abused her prior to his death.

Tamica Lincoln, a woman who was friendly with the staffers at the high school, somehow got wind of Johnson’s plight and opened her family’s home to her.  The generous caregiver, who eventually became Johnson’s guardian last March, also helped the alleged teen enroll in a high school program.  Johnson told KLTV, “I sympathized with her and invited her into my home.  I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes.”

As time, progressed, however, the 5-foot tall, 300-pound Johnson reportedly began to bring suspicion to herself. Lincoln slowly came to the realization that perhaps the alleged teen girl was not who she portrayed herself to be, so she contacted the authorities.

When police investigators delved into Johnson’s background, they discovered the fact that she was not a teen but an adult. Officers also uncovered the fact that Johnson was using a fake name and had also set up a bogus Facebook page.

Many children and teachers at the high school feel betrayed by Johnson’s sham and no one knows why the woman went to such extremes. Johnson even has a best friend in school who also could not come to grips with her buddy’s deceit.

Johnson is now behind bars and is awaiting arraignment on several charges, including giving false information.




Hood Entertainment

Join out lady raven as she does her comedy


Mill creek tavern 42nd and Chester “What’s your talent Thursdays” hosted by T-Mack

March 25 DJ Young Scrap SLIENT PARTY Info @hood2hoodstation @ FB



Hood Senior News

During the snow storm and the day after Septa connect informed all its customers that there will be no pick up or drop off’s unless you have chemo, dialyses or something of the sort well what about everyone else who has heart issues or who is blind had no food and must wait until they are ready??????

Stop starving pop-pop & grand mom.

Senior smiles matters is hosting a diabetic bake off for Easter Sunday April 16th 2017 @ 5pm here at the station so you can come out to the station diabetics and purchase your sugar free treat.

to raise funds for Senior Smiles Matter

Contest is $ 5.00 to enter sugar free only must be homemade (no sugar alcohol)

Winner receives a $50.00 prize 2nd winner Receives $25.00 prize  



Lucky Hood Baby Numbers  

Little girl born 3/16/2016          1 years old now

8pounds 6 ounces


1/2 inches long

Born at 5:52 am

Hood Weather Report weather1 weather2

Straight hair and warm hat week, it’s going to be colder that a THOT on her period so bundle up. Mother nature can’t make her mind up, but the last of winter is in effect.


Hood2hood Stock report

Loose Tokens are down due to all the septa key cards in effect, plus the fact that if you must pay a store $2.15 for 1 token you might as well spend $2.25 what are you saving the 0.10 cent for a rainy day???

Loosie Stocks are rising everyone in the hood getting ready for the spring party rush everybody is going to Delaware to stack on cartons of cigarettes driving the prices up on loose cigarettes.

GO-GO Stock is steady due to the releasing of the income taxes so the dancer broke fake huckleberry dudes are no longer needed.



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