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Hood 2 Hood News Report                4/2/2017

Missing Children

Missing Juveniles – Nathaniel Cruz and Thomas Cruz – from the 24th District Have Been Located

Mar 29, 2017 at 8:31 AM  Tags: 24th Districtmissing person

The Philadelphia Police Department needs the public’s assistance in locating Missing Juveniles 13-year-old Nathaniel Cruz and his brother, 14-year-old Thomas Cruz. Nathaniel and Thomas both reside with their father and step-mother on the 1900 block of East Wishart Street. The boys left their residence after a dispute with their father and maybe in the area of their mother residence on the 2800 block of North 4th Street.

Nathaniel is 5’4”, 100lbs, and light complexion; with brown eyes and black wavy hair. He was last seen wearing a green/grey hooded sweat shirt, a blue shirt, tan pants and red/black Nike sneakers.

Thomas is 5’4”, 100lbs, and light complexion; with brown eyes and black wavy hair. He was last seen wearing a white hooded shirt, grey shorts, black tights and blue Jordan sneakers.

Anyone with any information on Nathaniel and Thomas Cruz whereabouts is asked to please contact East Detective Division at 215-686-3243 or call 911.


Top Story: From YouTube

The propaganda of April fool’s day after extensive research on google we discovered that April fool’s day is really GODS new years and we are celebrating it the wrong way, on that day we play jokes, deceive each other scare each other and that’s the day when we should be praising GOD, because its holiday and Fridays are the only day of the week that can be actually counted  on cosmic calendar and it is the day we are supposed to be worshiping EVERY RELIGION instead of partying. So, happy new year to you and mark it on your calendar.

Hood Health Report

In hood health today we’re talking about IBS or as we say at hood2hood station “ Itchy Balls Syndrome” a lot of young men suffer from this quietly and often says nothing about this and will walk around being irritated all day, the men who are suffering from this is usually men who sag or where skinny jeans or have a lot of unprotected sex and oh yes the most important  NOT WASHING HIS ASS so men just so you know you need to soak your nuts just like a chick has to soak dat ass. So, wash that shit before it spreads.

Hood Funny News

Young man poses as a gay man to evade arrest story is that a young thug was on the corner selling a variety of drugs in a west Philadelphia neighborhood as he seen the police officers approaching him he instantly started acting gay and flirting with the officer because he had $600.00 worth drugs on his persons, well needless to say it worked the officer would not search the young man , he locked everyone else on the corner up except for him they let him go and he watch the raid from the bus stop while his homie’s took the fall. 

In other funny news, a young man listening to Kevin Hearts comedy show, He took all the left backs to his girlfriend’s earrings and all her left shoes after she burned his clothes because he was cheating and got caught.

Hood Stock


  • Party Clubs are up this season due to the break in the weather


  • Loosie Stocks are going down due to the increase in Loosie cost everybody is buying packs to lower cost.


  • GO GO Stocks are steady due to all the kidnapped or duped girls now entering the clubs


  • House parties are going up due to people trying to flip their money back happy Fish Fry Season


  • Arrest season is up due to everybody coming home


Hood weather report

 Get your cute hats out and baller caps out umbrellas are needed I’m wearing my deep wave so it can look cute wet.

Hood Baby Numbers



Entertainment News

Aquil Ali Of the Grindstone 4life book is going on tour in Atlanta bringing you Hood News from the ATL with His Sister Fatima Bashir as His Atlanta Co Host.

Hood2Hood Station Is hosting a Station Party April 9th @ 5pm it will be Food, Drink and fun for all the cast members of Hood 2 Hood Station.

Sex Trafficking Special Report

Mr Omar John of K&T Modeling Service,

 Offices   58th Lansdowne Street Philadelphia PA

Is a Sex Trafficking Service he is emailing young women as a modeling agency and he is known for being a pimp this report is from a former escapee or employee of K&T Modeling service in the 90’S 1 other persons quote

“He still around? I thought they would be locked up by now, that’s a hoe service” after confirming the man’s name and service by name.

This person presents himself as a professional service and when you look on his Facebook page it a different story so if you get an email from this person disregard it immediately this is a sham.

Also, there is a jewelry making company who is a possible sex trafficking trade operation that is promising to move you to Alaska, lodging and travel.

This other report from Daily reports the conclusion of some fake modeling agency’s

Teenage girl 'was forced to have sex with 1,000 men at a Philadelphia motel while being held against her will for two years'

  • Teenage girl was allegedly forced to have sex with more than 1,000 men at motel
  • 'Sex slave', who was aged just 14 when the alleged abuse began, was paid $50
  • Girl is suing the motel, its manager and owners following her two-year ordeal
  • Lawsuit claims motel staff ignored tell-tale signs minors were being exploited

By Ollie Gillman for Mail Online

PUBLISHED: 12:03 EDT, 13 March 2017 | UPDATED: 12:29 EDT, 13 March 2017


A teenage girl was forced to have sex with more than 1,000 men over two years at a motel in Philadelphia, a lawsuit claims.

The girl was forced into 'sex slavery' with men up to four times her age at the Roosevelt Inn in the north-east of the city, her lawyer has claimed.

The teenager, who was just 14 when the alleged abuse began, is suing the motel, its manager and the company that owns it. 

The now 17-year-old girl claims she was paid $50 to have sex with several hundred men at the motel after being forced into prostitution in 2013, CBS Philadelphia reported.

The lawsuit - filed against the Roosevelt Inn, its parent company UFVS Management Company and the motel manager Yagna Patel - claims the alleged ordeal continued into 2014.

The motel is alleged to have provided rooms for human traffickers, but Patel, 72, denied any knowledge of this.


The lawsuit claims the defendants 'knew or had constructive knowledge' that the girl was 'being sexually exploited'.

Traffickers are alleged to have advertised sex with the girl online, before encouraging men to come to the motel after agreeing a price over the phone, reported.

When they arrived, a hotel clerk would show them to the girl's room, per the lawsuit, which names a staff member, 'Abdul', who was supposedly aware of the abuse.

The lawsuit claims that motel workers should have noticed tell-tale signs of abuse, such as the room allegedly regularly containing used condoms.

It also claims that the room 'frequently smelled of marijuana' and that men and minors were allegedly seen leaving it.

The girl was allegedly treated 'aggressively' and would have seemed scared, court documents claim, adding that she often 'dressed in a sexually explicit manner'. 

'This child was forced into sex slavery, paid to do things with men double, triple, quadruple her age,' her attorney Nadeem Bezar said. 

Fellow lawyer Tom Kline added: 'You have to be blind deaf and dumb not to know that over 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple days.

'You have a cleaning crew that comes into the room and often finds boxes or waste cans full of used condoms. This is about as open and obvious as it gets.

'You can't have a line of johns out the front door and around the room waiting without them knowing the linen service was extraordinary. The front desk would direct the traffic to the room of this child.'  

The teenager, who is in therapy, is suing for $50,000 in compensation. 

Patel claimed he was unaware of the abuse or the lawsuit and said: 'We just rent the room and that’s all we can do.'

Mail Online has contacted the Roosevelt Inn, Patel and UFVS for further comment.



And in related news

The definition of sex trafficking is:

Sex Trafficking is modern day slavery, happening everywhere in the United States.  The victims can be U.S. citizens or of any nationality, age, socioeconomic status, or gender. Sex Trafficking is a highly profitable crime that exploits an adult through force, fraud, or coercion, or that engages a child in any form of commercial sexual exploitation.


There are so many people lost to the sex traffic trade please help give all the information you can.

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