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Ideas for building a business from scratch!

Ideas for creating a start up from scratch - with the help of

1) A story telling TV channel - I know tons of mums who would absoluteley LOVE this idea. An interactive online' Jackanory' type  story telling TV channel! - You would schedule regular 'stories' throughout the day and read them live and allow kids to come on to your video stage and join in. Its the sort of thing you could start by offering for free- using the 'gratuity' button - so basically relying on the generosity of your audience to 'tip' you. You could lead up to actually charging for your story times, perhaps in peak time, like kids bedtime. You could also charge for pre recorded videos of you reading stories, and downloadable story content. Imagine if you are a budding author, this could be a way of testing out your stories and seeing what works the best. It could even led to a book deal! As you build a following you could also start to get advertising or sponsorship for your channel- again all of this is possible with 

All of this can be acheived and started for FREE on - we only start taking a fee when you start to craete revenue - we take a small cut of everything you make, so until you start to make any money you dont have to pay anything- not even for the live broadcasts! You could use other social media to promote your channel. Also you have the added advantage of tapping into all the other viewers that come to and our PR machine that high lights our channel owners. If you like this idea and want help setting it up - drop us a line at

by Lorraine Adams