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The Storm


My Dear Child,

     I am here to calm the raging storm inside of you. Remember, I live in you and I know what is going on inside of you. It does not matter if the storm you face is created by you or something beyond your control, I love you!  No matter how catastrophic it is and all the damage it creates, I am here! I will not leave you nor forsake you!

    I see the beauty through your storm. I see the pearls that are floating in your raging sea that will be brought to the surface one day! There is beauty in the ugliness of your storm. Beauty that at times only I can see. You must trust that the beauty is there even though you feel it goes away.

    You are sitting in the midst of Harvey and this tropical storm is what it looks like inside of you. You feel like these storms are so slow moving that they will never pass, just like Harvey is doing. Harvey is stalling above the area, pouring its rain upon the cities and no one knows how long it will stall. But, I do! The storms that rage upon the city of your heart will not always be there. I have the power to calm the storm, stop the storm, or move the storm along.

     The storm has purpose. The storm stirs what is settled and brings it to the surface. There are some things that have to stop settling down to the bottom of your heart.  I want the sediment washed away for good!

     You may have many storms, My Child, but you must trust me to reveal what needs to be washed away.  Destruction is not always a bad thing in a storm. If not for destruction, things could not be rebuilt. They could not be made fresh and new! Destruction is a necessary element in this life. Right now, destruction of self-sufficiency is what I desire to be washed away. Destruction of your will must come crumbling down! How else can I do that but by a storm? Sometimes it takes a tropical storm and sometimes it takes a category 5 storm to destruct self-sufficiency. Trust the storm is serving its purpose because I will use all the storms in your life to bring about good for you and for My purposes. When you sense a storm coming on, when you have warning, check with Me, your radar! I will either help you prepare for the storm or stop the storm!   

     I love you so much! I care so deeply for all the constant storms going on inside of you. You don’t have to live in this constant state of trying to keep the storm at bay and then having it come on top of you! I desire to help you sidetrack many of the storms by giving you My peace, My comfort, My sustaining power!

     I love you! I have just calmed the storm in you, just like you asked Me to. Do you feel it? I know you do. Now let it subside and have peace!


Daddy God

by Synergy