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HNR Report 15

Hood News Report 15                     

Top Story:

Drug Addict get charged for attempted murder for beating his drug dealer& Friends.

Story is that 58-year-old drug addict owed the 32-year-old drug dealer $200.00 promised on the first, the man had been evading the drug dealer for 3 weeks having him on the run around about the money. Well the drug dealer and his 2 friends caught up to him at his mother’s house and threatened the 58-year-old man, who then commenced to beat the holy shit out of the dealer and his 2 friends to the point that all 3 young men are now currently in the ICU, the man had no weapon and surrendered to the police quietly.

In other news Elder woman leads police officers on a wild goose chase.

Story is that 93-year-old Woman was driving her car the opposite direction down the street hitting 2 pedestrians and a police officer, trying to drive to get her husband who has been gone for 15 years now well the police scared her with the lights and bull horn she accelerated her car and started driving wildly they chased her car down and smacked into the car to stop her she tried to get out and run but no arrest has been made.

Funny Hood News:

Woman gets jumped feeding Alpo dog food hamburgers.

Story is that a young woman was invited to her husband’s family barbeque and told to bring a meat,

This woman thought that Alpo was canned meat she never read or really looked at the label in her mind it was what she fed her husband and he liked it, well she went to the store and brought 10 cans of Alpo on sale and brought it to the mother in laws house and started to empty the cans and making burgers. Well the family at the table went off hard and the woman replied, “I feed this to him all the time” and the family jumped her and made her read the label then the mom beat her with the can, no one has been brought upon charges.

In other funny news

Karma is loose

Story is that this 51-year-old woman listening to her friends goes out to get her groove back, meets a young man at the bar and starts seeing him heavy to the point she’s thinking about leaving her marriage after 3 months with the side guy and he is feeling her too. She pressured the young man into meeting his family and he agreed, he took her to his mother’s house to make the introduction he noticed his father’s car was there, he explained to her that his dad was a state to state truck driver. to the woman’s surprise it was her husband’s son at her husband’s side chick house and they were all in an extreme state of shock, we will bring you updated on that story as it develops.



Hood Health Report by Kia Harrell

Dementia symptoms according to our hood health report there is no real test for dementia

These are some of the major signs you must watch for.

  • Difficulty remembering
  • Impaired communication
  • Depression
  • Mood changes
  • Walking 

Since there is no way to be tested this would be a guest along with the other illnesses that plague our community due to chemicalizing in our foods and water supply


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