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Hood News Report 16


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Hood News report 16                                                   12/24/2017


Top Story:

An Un-Merry Christmas for 2017

There are so many reports of people suffering financially for the Christmas season, so instead people are cutting Christmas cost using tactics like, regifting unwanted items, buying $ 40.00 worth of dollar store toys splitting them up. Went all week collecting church food to cook for the holidays, sending all qualifying cousins to Toys for Tots to collecting gifts for the kids, digging up park trees for Christmas trees and stealing candy canes from doctor offices and other places for tree decorations and finally saving half bottles of liquor to make mixed drinks for guest.

With all the “fuck Christmas it’s a man-made holiday “where is the gift of giving in all of this well for the holidays beside the wonderful lady in north Philadelphia who gave the whole block Christmas.

 All the Hood is giving for Christmas is ass whooping and high robbery stats according to Every Block Blog provided by the Philadelphia police department.


In Other News

Facebook Set Up

There is a Facebook set up going around in a form of a poll or support for people to impeach the president, this is a list for the department of defense to calculate exactly how many people are against him. Currently that’s called treason please people be careful about what you fill out.

No matter how you keep it 100 or want to express your feelings just imagine how much exact information your committing to just by adding your email address, your name, age, and Facebook ask permission for this poll to know your location. That thing links your home address, banking info, social security, phone, birthdate, PICTURES etc.

So, unless you like being a part of the conspiracy theory watch what you are adding your information too.



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In other Funny News

Things you Can’t Depend on

I witnessed an older woman sit in a doctor’s office bragging about how her depends look more like underwear and protect her completely. While this woman is shaming her friend for wearing noticeable depends I noticed a huge wet spot on the back of her tan khaki pants, of course no one informed the woman that her depends were un- dependable Not even as she switched away talking major shit to the friend sitting next to her with the cat that ate the canary grin on her face, watching her wet big mouth side wig wearing friend walk away.


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Happy Holidays from HOOD2HOOD STATION we wish you a safe and drama free holiday.

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