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Hypnosis & Weight-Loss – Marisa in The Telegraph

Hypnosis is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off forever and unlike other methods the right hypnosis makes it all so easy. In this interview with The Telegraph, the lovely Anna Richardson talks about how she lost over two and a half stone and kept it off for four years after just one session with me.

My amazing new and updated book You Can Be Thin has the very same techniques that I used on Anna and has a download that is akin to a session with me. If you want to end dieting forever, get your copy now.

Anna is studying hypnotherapy as a way of helping people with their relationship to food. Her interest was sparked during the filming of Supersize in 2008. Anna had undergone regression through hypnotherapy with well-known therapist Marisa Peer, and discovered that her own eating habits were built during early childhood. Her mother had been was taken into hospital with placenta praevia. Her father had tried to comfort Anna – in her mother’s absence – by feeding her treats like fish and chips (washed down with Tizer – well, it was the Seventies). And so a relationship between food and comfort had been firmly established.

Yet, after one hypnotherapy session, Anna lost two and a half stone – to settle at nine stone 7lb – the exact weight she had told the therapist she considered her ideal. ”I found myself making better food choices, without realising it – it was weird,’’ she admits.

Anna became fascinated with the way our subconscious works – especially in regard of eating. ”I began to want to help effect the transformation – not just report on it,’’ she explains. ”I wanted to arm myself with knowledge.’’ Her new book aims to help readers explore their relationship with food – ”it is not just another diet book’’ she says firmly.

Her family seem to have found her new zeal for hypnosis slightly stranger than her fluid sexuality – ”there was some eye-rolling,’ she laughs ”but now I get calls from them for relaxation techniques.’’

She adds: ”I do have a genuine desire to help people – that comes from my values growing up.’’

Is she in fact a lost female bishop? ”I am hugely spiritual, and I have a great deal of respect for religion and the Church of England.

”But, oh, I’d be terrible as a female bishop – I’d be the worst. I’d want to change the robes, and wear different colours of nail varnish every day.’’ But she’d be a compassionate one? ”I hope so.’’

by Marisa Peer