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Hood News Report 8/17/20



PHILADELPHIA-   On Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 at approximately 12:00pm, Police Officer Luis Miranda was arrested, pursuant to a warrant obtained by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Officer Luis Miranda has been charged with Conspiracy, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Use of a Computer, Computer Theft, Unlawful Duplication, Terroristic Threats, Unlawful Restraint, False Imprisonment, PWID, and Possession of Paraphernalia

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has suspended Luis Miranda for 30 days with the intent to dismiss at the end of the 30 days.

In December of 2017, our investigators became aware of criminal allegations against P/O Luis Miranda”, said Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.  “The same day we became aware of these findings, Miranda was immediately removed from street duties as our Internal Affairs Division conducted an investigation. Subsequently, the findings of that investigation were turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for review.


The charges against Officer Miranda are disturbing, and allege behavior that is in stark contrast to everything that society expects of its police officers. Still, we must not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the reputations of the overwhelming majority of PPD officers that discharge their duties with honor and integrity.


It is more obvious than ever that police officers have to repair community trust in order to effectively do their jobs.  For that to begin, we must prove that we are determined to identify and remove bad actors from within our ranks.


While it is disheartening when those charged with upholding the law choose to break it, I am grateful for all of those who worked to bring these allegations to light.”


Statement from Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw

Today, I am privileged to announce the release of the Police Department’s Crime Prevention and Violence Reduction Action Plan. This comprehensive plan is the result of months of planning, as well as vetting through our internal and external stakeholder partners.

Upon my arrival, my Executive Team and I began evaluating existing strategies; and as early as mid-April, the template for this plan began taking shape. In late April and early May, the first draft of the action plan was presented to police commanders of all ranks, as well as community partners from a variety of backgrounds for their invaluable input.

While the action plan being released today is ostensibly a completed work, it is, in fact, a living document, in that it will continue to evolve, as we perpetually identify areas which require monitoring and improvement.

Additionally, the plan reflects the value and necessity of sustained collaboration among law enforcement partners. To that point, today, a key component of the plan will be announced by District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Mr. Krasner will be assigning two Assistant District Attorneys to each of the six geographic divisions, work alongside our investigative personnel in responding to, and investigating, violent crimes (particularly those involving the use of a firearm), from their inception. This will provide greater focus, attention, and consistency to investigations and prosecutions, and will ultimately result in the removal of the most dangerous offenders from our precious communities.

Although the action plan is being formally released today, we have already begun implementing various tenets of the action plan. For example, several week ago, weekly “shooting reviews” commenced. These cross-functional working meetings include local, state and federal law enforcement partners, and promote collaboration, communication, and shared responsibility in accomplishing our common goals. Each meeting concludes with clear strategic direction, actions items and/or deliverables as it pertains to each shooting.

This action plan will indeed serve to strengthen and more fully commit all efforts to our three organizational pillars: Organizational Excellence, Crime Prevention and Violence Reduction, and Community Engagement and Inclusion. It reflects a holistic and collaborative approach to addressing violent crime, and abides within the framework of the City’s overarching Roadmap to Safer Communities.

n addition to the release of the action plan, I am pleased to announce changes and additions to my Executive Team, and to the Department’s organizational structure. Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton has been promoted to First Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations. Deputy Commissioners Joel Dales and Benjamin Naish have joined the Executive Team, and will oversee Patrol Operations and Investigations respectively. Deputy Commissioners Christine Coulter and Robin Wimberly will continue to command Organizational Services and the Office of Professional Responsibility respectively; and Ms. Blake Norton will continue to serve as our Chief Strategy Officer. Changes in the organizational structure include the dividing of the Patrol Bureau into two Regional Operations Commands (North and South). Each region will be commanded by a Chief Inspector.

The implementation of this action plan, along with the realignment of, and augmentations to, our organizational structure, will greatly advance our continuing efforts to transform the Philadelphia Police Department into the most professional, forward-thinking, and internally motivated law enforcement agency in the nation.    

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  Danielle M. Outlaw

  Police Commissioner
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