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You Can be Younger 10 Easy Steps

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Pre-Order My New Book & Get a Special Offer

Pre-Order My New Book & Get a Special Offer

I’m very excited to announce the release of my fifth book “You Can Be Younger” from Piatkus publishing. I’ve always been interested in anti-ageing research and helping my clients reverse the process of ageing. Years ago, when I wrote my first book “Forever Young,” I had no idea that science and research would come such a long way and so about a year ago I decided to compile it all into a new title.

My new release is updated with all kinds of mental, physical and habitual techniques and exercises to reverse the tide of ageing not only physically, but mentally as well. Lots of people try and look young through cosmetics and procedures, but I can make you feel young as well—which is so much better.

Did you know that the position you sleep in, what you keep in your fridge, or where you store your electronics can all have a huge effect on how quickly you age? So can the way you speak to yourself, the friends you see regularly and the type of exercise you do. As my usual readers and followers know, I’m a huge fan of simple, barely-noticeable steps that add up to a huge difference, and that’s precisely what I’ve focused on in the 10-step programme I’ve created in this book. Using the proven techniques in my book can make you look and feel up to 16 years younger no matter what your age or stage in life is.

For my newsletter subscribers and social media followers, I’m offering a special gift. If you pre-order my book on Amazon before its official release date on April 3rd, I’ll offer you a free download of my Get Younger Skin audio download (a £25 value) free, which will help reverse your skin’s ageing process on a sub-conscious level. All you have to do is forward your order confirmation receipt from Amazon to Please write “Amazon Special Offer” in the subject line and we will send you your free download.

by Marisa Peer