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You Can be Younger 10 Easy Steps

Channel: Marisa Peer
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The Way to Younger Skin – that Actually Works!

Why does our Mind hold the key to Younger Skin?

The Way to Younger Skin - that Actually Works!

We make different chemicals when we are happy or relaxed to the ones we make when we are unhappy or anxious and these can age us or rejuvenate us depending on our thinking.

Your skin is a gland that responds to your thinking. When we fall in love we feel young carefree and happy and falling in love feels the same at any age whether we are 17 or 70. The wonderful feeling of being in love sends positive messages to our organs and we feel and act younger; we seem to glow, our skin blooms and our immune system is boosted we find ourselves singing out loud, dancing around the kitchen, smiling at strangers and generally feeling benevolent.

It has been proven that people who have certain ailments such as skin conditions, migraines or joint pains can become free of the symptoms when they initially are in the state of falling in love.

Being depressed or grieving sends different messages to our organs and we feel and act older; our skin looks drawn, pinched, grey and our immune system suffers, our immune system is also depressed. It is no coincidence that happy optimistic people on the whole get sick less frequently whereas depressed, pessimistic people get sick more frequently.

Even remembering being in love or remembering trauma can release the same positive or destructive hormones and chemicals that were released during the event because of our bodies ability to respond more to our thoughts than to actual events. In fact events as such don’t affect us but the way we interpret an event and the meaning we choose to give to it affects us totally.

by Marisa Peer