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WWC Global Locations

“Who you are is more important than what you have. So, what you will become is more significant than what you will acquire.”

Because I Said I Would is a social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering humanity through the power of a promise. Just as Jesus made a promise to us, we want to leverage this dynamic process and encourage change in our neighborhood, our community, our county, our state, our country, and all over the world. The Because I Said I Would is so simple and dynamic. People use these cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small.

Coming Soon to a city near you!

Our Model is to equip ministry leaders in these countries to locally minister and support the body of Christ through the structure of our global network

Current WWC Global Locations

  • Glen Dale, Maryland, USA – Headquarters
  • New Delhi, India

Future WWC Global Locations

  • China
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Costa Rica
  • Amsterdam
  • Mexico City