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The Children Are Our Future

The Children Are Our Future 
The Highly Evolved Indigo Children

By Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove

Gifted Children

Indigo Children, also known as Blue Ray Children, Rainbow Children, and Crystal Children, these are the names that all refer to the same group of souls that have recently incarnating here on Earth. The reason why they are referred to as Indigo or Blue Ray is because that is the color of their aura that states their spiritual rank or level of consciousness which is very high; they are our teachers, light workers and without them this planet will not make it through the next step of our spiritual evolution. I call this phase The Ascension.

Their number of births has ever increased because they have willingly raised their hands and chosen to help us through the ascension process. This is not based on their own soul’s journey, but rather to help us on ours. They are our future leaders, and are here to save the Planet; these are the children that are now being born. Indigo children are brilliant, natural psychic mediums, they do not have the veil blocking their connection to the other side, and they are clear on their soul’s mission statement and remember the heavens, our true home.

However it is important to know, especially for all the parents out there that indigo children are very sensitive, high energy and require a special amount of time and attention in order to ensure their well being. Because Indigo children are so sensitive on every level and also distinctly marked by God they do better in small groups and positive learning environments such as Montessori and Waldorf schools which focus on small classrooms and artistic approaches to learning.

Have you noticed the high rate of infertility? Due to the state of emergency that our world is in; Indigo children are the only souls that are being allowed to incarnate at this time; because of their extremely high vibration and amazing spiritual awareness they are able to help raise Earth’s consciousness at a much faster rate. Remember only God can create life, just because two people try to procreate does not ensure that fertilization will occur. Many couples are even going to fertility doctors but The Great Spirit is only allowing these very specific souls to come in at this time. I can not stress the importance of recognizing these special souls and realizing how very important Indigo children are to the future of Earth. For more information on Indigo children and how to work with them you may want to check out my second book “Angels are talking” where I dedicate an entire chapter to them.

One of the biggest dangers to the Indigo Children is the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD and the prescribed use ofPsychotropic Drugs.I wrote of the dangers of these drugs in my 2002 book "Angels Are Talking". Now my predictions about the side effects are proving to be accurate.

Here are some educational sources for You: The Long Drug List LINK, 250% Increase LINK, Violent Deaths LINK,Fatal Health Risks LINK

Special Needs

Many people have been seeking answers for the increased amount of children being born with Autism and Downs syndrome; there almost seems to be a fear about this growing epidemic. The information I received from Spirit was that like their brothers and sister’s children with Autism and Downs syndrome are also Indigo children, meaning they are very evolved souls. The difference is that they are here for one single purpose, and that is Unconditional Love.

The children being born with Autism and Downs syndrome are also very highly evolved souls who see through the veil so much that they are half in and half out, meaning they see the Spirit world the same way as they see the Earthly world. Anyone who has had the privilege of knowing one of these amazing children can attest to their genuine loving nature, they know nothing of judgment or hate, and because of that there mere presence on Earth is raising our vibration. This means that a child with Downs syndrome for example will be born to a family to help raise that families vibration to that of pure unconditional love.

These children like all the Indigo’s are not here for their own soul’s growth, but to help us put our lives into perspective, to realize what is truly important, and that is Love! We try to categorize them; we see them as handicapped, and flawed. But the fact is we are the ones that are handicapped as we are unable to understand the higher level of consciousness that these special children are connected to. What we need to start seeing is the enormous gift of pure love that they bring to the world.

In Love, Light and Peace, Michelle Whitedove

by Michelle Whitedove