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The Thinking man/woman's YouTube

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The Exciting new live interactive video broadcasting portal being hailed as 

  • The thinking Man/ Woman’s YouTube?
It’s often been debated ‘what next’ for the next generation of YouTube content creators. The ones that want to be able to:
  • Stream and broadcast live to their fans and followers
  • Monetise their content more easily
  • Have more creative and artistic control over their channels
  • Create live interactive video public debates and Q&A’s with their followers
  • Broker their own deals with potential sponsors and advertisers could be the answer:
Vloggers, Podcastors, online entrepreneurs such as ‘Voice of TV’ pundit Shaun Daily & Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer have been flocking to to design and set up their own online TV channels – which are free to create. Every day live broadcasts are scheduled on the TVEE guide and channel owners are able to video chat live to their social media followers- bringing up to six of their unlimited viewing audience on to their video stage at any one time and swapping around for live Q&A’s.
Channel owners such as ‘The Chelsea Fancast’ and celebrity psychic and spiritual medium Michelle Whitedove are able to levy their own pay-per-view fees on valuable content or live shows at their own discretion. Or use the ‘leave a gratuity’ feature allowing viewers to donate whatever they feel the content was worth!
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