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How HDWorldmedia Tells The MyLocalGolfer Story

You are confounded in the ‘before’ scenes, confused. You really do not get it. You are lost in bewilderment before concluding that you really don’t understand golf as a recreational activity. How, you wonder, is it even considered a sport? How do people spend minutes upon hours upon days watching golf, let alone playing? As far as you are concerned, the polo shirts and shorts are ridiculous, and the hats are pretentious. And the golf carts, let’s not even go there. 

And then one day you get it. Maybe a friend to another golfer friend takes you through the motions, or you stumble upon a wonderful site like Maybe you don’t get it all in one fell swoop. It comes to you gradually. First, you appreciate the beauty of the courses. They are just so lush, and blindingly green. 

Then the technical aspects of the game start to appeal to you, the way you have to get your swing just so you can hit the ball right. The way you have to have tremendous amounts of trending before your swing can be any good, before you start being accurate with the distances. In fact, you get so enthralled from following the tournaments and keeping an eye on the stats, that you decide to start playing yourself.

This is the commendable first step to the amazing world of golf. To a beginner, it can seem daunting. Actually, it is daunting. It can seem like an impenetrable closed society where they ask you for a secret word before they let you tee off. Worry no more, because golf-beginners-neuroses-buster is here.

MyLocalGolfer is a wonderful site that has numerous resources for beginner, amateur and pro golfers. It has many resources, such as where to find golf courses in your area, how to dress correctly for golfing, and such like things.

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