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 I was reminded recently of a word that I myself used many times in my younger years.  I cannot count the numerous times that I used the word, "wasted".  There were many weekends that defined this one word, "wasted"!  I would often say, "I got so wasted last night" or "let's just get wasted".  Looking back, I now see that wasting my life is exactly what I was doing.  How loosely and lightly I used that word.

I looked up the meaning as I always do when God puts a word in my mind, and I got a very clear perspective.  The word wasted has four meanings.  The first is useless.  Useless, because it achieves nothing!  Wow, how true that is.  Drugs, drinking, and all the partying I did was useless.  It gave no real satisfaction to my life.  I was left exactly as the next definition states, "withered"!  I was ravaged and shrunken through this sin filled life that I led.

The next definition is "not used" or "exploited".  Exploited I was, as I let man after man take advantage of me; thinking I was getting my worth through their attention.  I exploited myself in so many ways, because my rational thinking went out the door when I was "wasted".

At the end of it all, the last definition is where I would be, and that was "exhausted".  Living a wasted lifestyle left me exhausted from all the exertion I was putting out pursuing sin.  You see, sin always takes your life in some way.  It never gives life.  It kills and most often it is a slow death.  When you are dying slowly you are withered, exhausted and useless.  You are living a wasted life.

I thank God for reminding me of how far He has broughy me; and, that He has now given me a life that is no longer "wasted", but full of purpose and beauty.

I pray for all those who are still in the wasteland.  May God's great love open their eyes and give them hope.

Isaiah 55:2

Why do you spend money on what cannot nourish you and your wages on what does not satisfy you?  Listen carefully to me; Eat what is good, and enjoy the best foods.



by Synergy