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Profile Image Mission statement is the brainchild of Lorraine Adams and Kathryn McAvoy - two life long friends and unlikely tech start up innovators in their 50's.

Although they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic - Lorraine resides London's trendy Chelsea and Kathryn in sunny Florida  - together they made their idea actually happen. Despite neither being particularly tech minded they used their business savvy to float firmly into the world of tech start-ups with a concept so exciting it already has the movers and shakers in the industry buzzing!

The women have been firm friends since 1999 when Kathryn and her former husband came to rent a house in London after they had sold their first business.  The house they chose in London just happened to be next door to Lorraine, who was running her own PR consultancy business and was just about to launch her brand new 'Speed dating' business which really took dating into a new era. The women quickly hit it off, not only did they both have a drive and entrepreneurial thirst for business and innovation -  they also had 4 year old daughters in common.

Fast forward to 2012 when Adams and McAvoy were holidaying together and the conversation came around to what they thought would be the next 'big' thing in the world of tech and social media. Seeing that YouTube had introduced the world to video the pair felt that there needed to be a portal for the next generation of Youtube content creators. YouTube were rapidly trying to move away from the short, daft, viral, cat chasing their tail videos and target businesses - what has now become known as 'Social mdia stars'.  

The pair invested time and money and engaged a talented developer, also based in the US and worked hard to get the platform live within a year. They have big plans for MMTV and see it fast becoming the 'go to portal'  for B2B & B2C customers who have quality content to sell and want to build their online event revenues. The platform is the only one of it's kind that enables users to not only upload video, ebooks and written content, but to schedule and run live interactive events. Enabling businesses to consolidate ALL their content in one place for their customers - a place where they have the latest technology at their finger tips - is far more inviting than spending thousands on their own websites. Infact analysts are predicting that 'Channels' will become the new 'Websites'.

Being able to use the latest technology to broadcast live interactive events is also extremely inviting for advertisers - unlike a website having a live engaged viewer is far more valuable to advertise to.

MMTV are planning to link up with one of the UK's most innovative Accelerators 'The Sand Pit' in January 2017. The women see this as a smart move - as opposed to trying to raise additional investment - having talent builders, investment allies and innovation partners all wrapped up in one is far more inviting an opportunity for the women as a plan going forward.

MMTV currently have nearly 3000 channels and their users run regular events on the platform. Events can be scheduled as private or public, they can be interactive - which means viewers can actually be invited on to share the live video stage to engage with the broadcastes and other viewers. Channels can opt to levy fees through the platform for their events and quality content. 

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by Lorraine Adams