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Endure the Pressure

I can feel the pressure building.  It is a force that compels me to act.  It is that old nature of sin working within my soul.  The moment I feel this pressure coming on it feels like a matter of urgency that demands my attention.  Most often, I have a legitimate desire that needs fulfillment; but, either my enemy satan, or just my own fleshly desires lurking within tells me to get it met apart from God and His direction. This is the moment of choice!    I can choose to endure through the pressure and surrender to God.  I can allow Him to do His perfecting work in me, or I can submit to my flesh. I have a choice to  believe the lies that make me cave in under the pressure, or I can cast them out of my mind.  

I have always disliked pressure and have been quick to relieve it any way that I can.  I am learning that without pressure I will continue in the same oppressive condition.  Sometimes the pressure is directly from the hand of God imploring  me to do things differently.  It is of great necessity to get all rebellion out of my life.  God often uses this pressure to lovingly move me to choose the truth instead of lies. 

How easily I forget who I really am in Christ.  I have the power, dominion, and the ability to subdue this flesh and its evil cravings.  I don't have to accept every thought that comes in my mind as truth. I don't have to act on every temptation, and I don't have to say everything that comes into my head out of my mouth.  When I speak something I give it power whether good or bad.  When I am feeling pressure I can see it as a warning sign that something isn't right in my thinking and doing.  I can welcome the pressure and submit it to Christ's authority living in me.    There is often pain in pressure, but if I let God have His way in me His righteousness will come forth in my actions, and He will be manifested through me to a world that so desperately needs to see Him.  

So I choose this day to allow the pressure to produce all that God desires for me.  I will stand firm in my position through the pressure!  All glory being to my God who sustains me!

Hebrews 12:11(NLT)
No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening--it's painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.


Written by; Connie Miller

by Synergy