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Down Loads from Daddy God

Channel: Christian Talk Show Synergy
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My Dear Child,

     You have a power source greater than the fiercest lightning bolt living inside of you.  You have my Holy Spirit just waiting to give you all the strength you need for every battle you face. 

     Do you know what most often prevents this power from coming forth in you?  You are allowing yourself to be engaged with the worldly ways of handling and fixing your problems. You have become accustomed to worldly pursuits and pleasures.  Your flesh will always desire to find its own way of solving the issues you face, and getting its own satisfaction.    Most often the enemy is not your problem; but, it is your own will and deceitful desires that is the problem. 

     There is only one solution for overcoming your own will, and that is to engage with me.  When you are daily engaging with me you become kingdom minded.  You think as I think by way of my Spirit living in you.  Engaging is the key to activating my Holy Spirit power in you.  You are allowing me to become involved in your situation when you engage your mind with me.    

     As you and I are engaging, I will attract and please you in a way that will hold your attention.  Your desires for the things of this world will begin to dissipate.  Day-by-day as we engage together, my power will start to manifest as your thoughts become more eternal minded.  You see, I must get you to put on the mind of Christ living in you before my Spirit can truly manifest in the way I desire.  All the things that seem impossible will become possible as you engage with me.  Engaging with me takes more effort than just a thought.  Engaging with me requires you to be deliberate in seeking me.

     My dear child, I don’t want you disengaged any longer.  I desire to release my power in you and then through you to others.  Will you let me by fully engaging with me?  I love you!

Your Daddy,


Hosea 6:3(NLT)

Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him.  He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of the rains in early morning.

by Synergy