8 Body Weight Exercises

http://tcpros.co/8Vyue Remember before you start any routine check with your Dr. Also remember to stretch/warm-up before and stretch/cool-down after your workout. These 8 exercises work the body from head to toe. (1) Wall Walk- 2-10 WWs hold once you are vertical, hold for 2-3 sec. 2 sets (2) Flutter Kicks- 25-30 sec 2- sets (3) Plank reach- 10 reps 2-sets (4) Box jumps- I didn't have a box so I used a chair. If you use a chair make sure it's sturdy and don't jump on the edge of the chair. Jump to the center. If in doubt, don't use a chair. (5) Incline Diamond Push-up- Use a chair or any elevated object. The higher the elevation the more resistance. Hands in a diamond shape, inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. 10 reps- 2 sets. (6) Spider Man Push-up--- 10 reps 2 sets (7) Pike Push-up 10 reps 2 sets (8) Jump Rope- 30 sec to 2 min + 2 sets Tony C Davis Protect His Temple Fitness http://www.protecthistemplefitness.com Free E-Book http://tcpros.co/8Vyue



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