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Dating Tips From The Sexy Love Scientist Sindy V King

by Going Solo Network

Description: Cece Shatz, Host of Going Solo with Cece chats with Guest, Sindy V. King, The Sexy Love Scientist, Dating Coach as Sindy shares with us Dating Tips From The Sexy Love Scientist. Sindy V. King Integrating effective tools and deep expertise in Vedic Astrology, Health & Fitness and Forensic Accounting, Sindy King, is the world s one and only Sexy Love Scientist and Founder of The Love Lab. ? Her mission is to educate and empower high-achieving and career-driven men and women to consciously embrace and express their masculine and feminine sexual essence so that they can be finally be happy and fulfilled in a long-lasting love relationship. ? Sindy is North America’s trustworthy source of real-world teachings on love and relationship that is actually based on medical science and rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity. Her unique transformational process of teaching men and women (including LGQBT) about masculine and feminine sexual essence is a breath of fresh air in North America’s current crisis in modern dating confusion and marriage breakdown. ? Highly intuitive and using her signature blunt humour style, Sindy delivers no B.S., un-PC, just straight-up scientifically-proven sexy love advice. ? Influenced by the great analytical psychologist Carl Jung, Sindy's teachings help people get clear on which energy (masculine or feminine) they want to express, practice being in that energy, and attract their right match to create long-lasting relationships based on authentic expression and honest communication.

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