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Free Class: The Other Side, Angels & Departed Loved Ones

by Michelle Whitedove

Description: Join us for a two hour Web Class with Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove! Did you know that we each came to Earth with an Unseen Support Team? Michelle will give fascinating insights into your personal Angels, Spirit Guides and departed Loved Ones on the other side. You Will Learn: -How they can assist you and what is their role? -How to call upon them. -What your Loved ones are doing in Heaven? -If your departed loved ones check in on you? Now is the time to learn “How To” tap into your Unseen Support Team’s guidance! BONUS: There will be a LIVE Questions and Answer during the last half hour and you must have a MeeMee.TV account to participate. So sign up and create your profile now it’s FREE > For More information about Michelle go to

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