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ONAC KM Counsel Meet & Ceremony

by Onac KM

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Description: ONAC KM are calling All ONAC Members to roundtable with us for our Council Meeting, where we will be explaining our inner-function, position, and goals, so to to draw clear plans for our VICTORY in securing our Creator-Given Right to FREE MEDICINE MODELS, and a Ceremony to Bless our labors and amplify our intentions. Medicine Owl hosts in-Sanctuary and too, ONAC members can participate Online via our video conferencing. We are calling for MANDATORY ATTENDANCE for ALL ONAC KM members specifically and extend our hand of unity and siblinghood to ALL ONAC members interested in living Creator's Full Birthright entitlements wherever you are across the Americas to participate as well. All Supporters are welcome to join us here, and we Thank you for your interest and Support ~ We Are ONE species... the Human Being Striving to be human. Blessings!

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