"...the broadcasting vehicle drew in 300,000 viewers through its various platforms"

Jacksonville Business Journal - May 1st, 2015

Jacksonville-based MeeMee TV wants to change the way people watch locally-driven programming. The startup is a digital television station focused on Jacksonville arts and culture that can be accessed through a live stream on the Web through a variety of devices; an Internet-ready smart TV; or what’s known as low-powered television, along with a digital antenna box.


"I've been blessed in many ways, including having Meemee.tv as a platform to engage directly with my audience...

Houston Style Magazine - May 5th, 2015

Amber Neal has been dubbed “The Millionaire Matchmaker of Houston” by various media outlets. It is her latest accolade, however, that has her revealing in her local roots. Neal is the cover story for the May edition of Real Housewives of Houston Magazine. In the publication, Neal is asked everything and anything about her personal life, the romantic lives of her...


"MeeMee.tv is the latest buzz circulating the online entertainment industry."

James' Food Blog - April 16th, 2013

MeeMeeTV is a new social media platform for being noticed. MeeMeeTV gives everyone a chance to have their own TV channel. You can see mine HERE. In the rapidly growing and popularity of social media, there is no better time or way to tweet, post, blog, and broadcast your way to fame.


"MeeMeeTV JAX is on the air!"

EU Jacksonville - March 2nd, 2014

MeeMee is a new television station designed to showcase the local creative community. Local musicians, screenwriters, actors and directors can now share their talents, information, documentaries or original artistic content with their hometown. Not everyone has traditional cable, and some are even turning theirs off... MeeMeeTV Jax as a digital channel with a market reach from St. Augustine to Fernandina to Clay County.


Amber Neal uses Meemee.tv for Interview

The Real Housewives of Houston - May 2015

Amber recently participated as one of the World's Leading Relationship Experts and was asked by London Based Global Media "MeeMeeTV" to answer the following questions for their readers and Amber asked us to share them with you!...


"MeeMee TV is a new web channel behind a series of live lectures and Q&A sessions"

Metro UK - February 6th, 2014

MeeMee TV is a new web channel behind a series of live lectures and Q&A sessions with dating experts covering issues such as ‘how to make men notice you’ and 'online dating versus matchmaking services'. You click a button that says ‘join the stage’ and can pump dating experts, such as today’s talker, Lorraine Adams, for information.