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Down Loads from Daddy God

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My Dear Child,

     You are at the borders of yourself!  I want you to step beyond the borders that you feel you can’t cross.  In me there are no borders.  There is no limit to what I can do in you and through you.

     I have hemmed you in.  I go before you, behind you and with you!  All of your life, you have been hemmed in by my love.  Nothing has touched your life that I did not know about.  My hand has always been upon you. 

     I have had purpose for every season of your life that you have been through.  I have wanted you to experience all that I am for you through these different seasons.    

    In the dark, painful seasons, I was there.  I so desperately wanted to comfort you and deliver you; but, you were afraid to let me and you ran from me. You sought comfort through the destructive ways of this world. 

      In the joyous, happy seasons, I was there.  I wanted to rejoice with you and have you share those wonderful feelings with me; but, you forgot all about me.  I wanted you to see that every good thing in your life has come from my hand. I wanted you to see that I am a good God! 

     When you have been in your season of rebellion and pride, I was there.  My arms were wide open ready for you to see that you were already forgiven; but, you ignored me and then wondered why you were living under false condemnation.

     When you have been in a season of great financial lack, I was there.  I had so much provision for you and wanted to give you abundance; but, you decided you could fix things yourself.  I was left to wait until another season that I could trust you with this overwhelming abundance.  I knew you were not prepared to steward it correctly.  It was not because I did not want to give it to you.   

     Through all of these seasons, I was there and I am still here.  You are hemmed in my child.  You have always been enclosed in my love.  Your actions have never deterred me from loving you and wanting to use you.  I am good at waiting. 

     Now is the season I want you to break free from the borders of you.  You are at a critical point of decision.  I am here waiting to take you beyond the borders.  Step over and cross into the realm of endless possibilities with me.  Trust me!



Daddy God


Psalm 139:5

You hem me in-behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. 


by Synergy