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Down Loads from Daddy God

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Have you ever been so thirsty that you would drink from almost anything that is offered to you?  I know that I have been.  In fact, I have taken drinks from many different cups to try and satisfy my thirst. 

I have drunk from the cup of booze and drugs time and time again only to be left feeling more parched and dry.  I have drunk from the cup of sexual immorality which left me feeling so painfully empty inside.  I have drunk from the cup of overspending and buying things that I did not need.  This created a mound of debt and I was still left feeling thirsty, empty, wanting something to satisfy this deep craving inside of me. 

In our life, we drink from many different cups to try and satisfy our thirst.  All these cups do not satisfy, but leaves us thirstier with a lingering aftertaste that is bitter and awful to the taste.  As we keep drinking from these cups our strength is weakened and we are depleted of energy.  If we keep drinking from them we will eventually die. 

We were never meant to drink from these useless, life-sucking cups. Jesus said in Revelation 21:6, "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.”  

The problem is we drink from the cups of sin. The question I want to ask is this, are you tired of being thirsty and never satisfied? 

Jesus is saying, “Hey, here I am just waiting to give you what you need.  I took your sin, drunk from it myself so that you would no longer have to.  I am the only one who will quench the thirst you have and you will never be thirsty again if you keep coming to me. I will give you living water that is free and it will never become stagnant and bitter tasting.  Daily your strength will be renewed and you will soar with wings like eagles.  The water that I give will enable you to do things that you could never do on your own.”

I have drunk from this cup that Jesus offers and it is satisfying, pleasant and soothing.  It is life giving.  I must always be careful and watchful though, because in my weakness I am tempted to drink from the old cups.  Every day I must remind myself of where my thirst will truly be satisfied and that is through my sweet Savior, Jesus!!!!


Written by Connie Miller

by Synergy