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Down Loads from Daddy God

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My Dear Child,

     When my son Jesus was in the world, He was “the light of the world.”  I sent Him to destroy the darkness my people were living in.  When He ascended into heaven, He took his rightful place of honor, at my right hand.  The debt that mankind owed because of sin had been paid.  Now I could send my Holy Spirit to dwell inside of those who would believe in my son Jesus. 

     My child, do you realize that you are now the light switch?  The question is, will you turn me on or off? 

     You have my light, the Holy Spirit, living bright inside you.  I want you to turn your light switch on and leave it on!  Each step that you take, everywhere you go, there is darkness that needs light.  You are a “city on a hill” for all to see.  Let me shine.

     Leave the light switch on when fear comes and attacks you.  Fear cannot stand the light.  Fear has to flee when my light exposes it. 

    Your light switch must stay on my sweet child.  As you shine bright, the lost will find their way home to me, their Daddy God!   I am longing for those who are yet lost in utter darkness. 

     You were once lost in that darkness.  You did not even know you were lost.  The darkness was all you knew.  Then, I sent many people into your path that had their light switch on.  You were drawn to my light in them.  Step-by-step your path began to be lit up and you found your way home to me.

      Let your light shine brightly for the entire world to see.  Don’t shrink back when the darkness that others are living in tries to overtake you.  Leave your light switch on and be amazed at how I will use you for my glory.  I love you my child!


Your Daddy,



Matthew 5:16  New American Standard Bible
"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

by Synergy