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Background Noise

God has given us the ability to hear numerous sounds at once and yet focus on one specific sound.  Has God’s voice become background noise for you?  Many people are hearing God’s voice, but they are not listening. 

You see, you can hear without listening, but you cannot listen without hearing.  When you are only hearing, you are aware of what you hear, but when you are listening you are making an effort to pay attention and hear attentively.  Listening involves your full attention. Are you giving God your full attention? 

Listening to God involves being intent on knowing the truth in every situation you find yourself in.  Listening is a sign of a growing relationship with God.  If you are not doing what God tells you to do then you are only hearing Him and not listening. Listening produces obedience.     

Listening involves your time.  Are you making the effort to take time and be still before God?  When you listen to God, His words are taken deep into your heart.  When you are only hearing other noises and voices easily drown out God’s voice.  When you only hear, other sources can easily bring confusion and doubt. You begin to wonder if it was God’s voice you heard.  When you hear and listen, your confidence is built up by God. 

Hearing and listening will involve many of your senses, because God speaks to us in many different ways.  In listening, you must be focused.  You must be determined on putting all the other noises in the background and focusing on His voice to you. 

God wants you to remember today that anyone can hear, but not everyone listens.  Are you hearing and listening Him?


Mark 4:24He went on to say, pay attention to what you're listening to! [Knowledge] will be measured out to you by the measure [of attention] you give. This is the way knowledge increases.”

by Synergy