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The Match maker - True love’s Journey

Top matchmaker, entrepreneur and published self help author Lorraine Adams is currently writing her debut novel "The Match maker - True love’s Journey".

Lorraine will be broadcasting some 'LIVE READING' serialisations of the book on her 'Lorraine's World online TV channel' Later in April 2016

The characters are completely fictitious but much of the story line has been inspired by real life events throughout the sixteen year matchmaking career of the author.

Marie is a match maker who works her magic with the singles who find their way to her personal introductions dating service. She is passionate about her methods for helping her clients find the right partner and vets all new clients.

The story tracks the life of a serial online dating con man, the unscrupulous Anthony, who preys on single women with the sole aim to line his pockets with their hard earned cash. Anthony has absolutely no conscience and makes a career out of deceiving his way into the hearts of trusting unattached women. 

Several women and several years have passed, it is 2015 and Anthony is about to groom his latest 'victim' through yet another online dating site - however he is in for a shock!


by Lorraine Adams