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Social Media? LINKS HERE!

As we get settled into our new broadcasting venture here on MEEMEE.TV, we are sure alot of you are wondering, "Are you on Facebook, or The Twitter"? Why yes, yes we are on both of those platforms!!  Now we will tell you that our Facebook pages are a heck of alot more active than our twitter accounts, (actually we haven't used twitter in a long time, but we just recently aquired a new handle).  Most of the action that you will see on our twitter feed actually will come from what we are doing on Facebook really, to tell you the honest truth!!  

But we are not only just on social media.  We are also carried live on an audio feed on a digital radio station in Denver, CO, known as "KFRK-DB, The Freak",(quite fitting huh?) which is hte station that this entire show has pretty much grown from.  

So, here are those web addresses and twitter handles and what nots for you all.....


TWITTER: @freakchildshow

PERISCOPE: @FreakChildExperience


Always feel free to contact us here on, but if you need to email us, you can do that at


So there you all go!!  We hope to bring you a little entertainment to your Saturdays, (and in some cases in the world Early Sundays), Sit back and enjoy, and feel free to jump in on this insanity!!

by The FreakChild Experience