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How to join a live event

Step by step – how to join a live event /workshop /webinar on Meemee.TV


  1. First ‘Sign up’ to create a login – top right on home page
  2.  Once you are logged in click ‘EXPLORE’ on the home page menu – then click ‘Live Meechat TVEE guide’
  3. You will see the TV schedule, just click ‘Preview’ on the relevant show to find out more prior to broadcasting time. When the event is about to broadcast live the PREVIEW button will change to ‘WATCH LIVE’



  1. Once you have clicked ‘Watch live’ you will enter the live show. Your avatar will appear on the audience list below. If you wish to request to join the live video stage click  ‘Request to Chat’ – the blue button in top right corner.


  1. You can watch a show without creating a login – just follow the same instructions as above without the ‘login’ first step – however you cannot request to chat and join the live video screen unless you are logged in. You can however type your message in the instant message box for the broadcaster to read out.
  2. If you have any difficulties there is a red trouble shoot guide on the top of the live player page. Or simply click the pink ‘pure chat’ live help desk. If there is nobody available to help you email for help or tweet @meemeetv
  3. If you wish to join a live event and chat on the video screen it is advisable to wear earphones or headphones to counteract any feedback
  4. Please use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser when joining a live event on MeemeeTV as the other browsers Safari/Internet Explorer do not support the latest WebRTC technology.
  5. We hope to have our IOS app up and running by July 2016 at the latest – but until then you can only join a live event via an Android handset.

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