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How To Get A Boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend – and keep a boyfriend

Top 5 tips

Compiled by match maker and founder of DAYT and various dating brands including


  1. Don’t always have a jammed packed diary if you are single! Always leave a bit of room for an impromptu date – men go off the boil very quickly if it takes countless messages back and forth finding a convenient slot!
  2. Don’t rule ANYONE out – most women have a wish list, forget it, allow every romance opportunity at least 30 minutes of your time for a coffee or meet up
  3. Be feminine! – That means a feminine mind-set, which is not to take control. Let the guys take the lead.
  4. Quieten down – Contrary to popular belief men are NOT attracted to women who resemble loud excitable puppies
  5. Don’t talk to your date about your problems or issues – keep those conversations for friends and family.