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Bad Audio with Chrome Browser

Chrome has a serious audio glitch 

I have been experiencing this since an update to my Adobe Flash Player via Chrome. 

I do not know if it is the Flash player problem or a Chrome only problem ? 

It sure would be nice to get this resolved because my only other option is to use the FireFox  Browser, Fire fox has had some glitches of its own to contend with. Like a lack of stable use, I have experienced many times a frozen screen and also a working video stream but a frozen outgoing stream.

That really chaps my ass :  )  Just kidding, It's all good. I know that with all of these products working together, something is bound to get a bit glitchy 

from time to time but it is nice when everything works as smooth as butta.   Well that is just me ranting and apologizing about todays crappy audio, 

Sorry folks, I will try to resolve this before tommorows show and thanks for subscribing to my channel and reading my rant. 


See you soon on the Blab.Cafe / Firetalk / networks 

Sincerely, Donald Brant , Host / Producer Blab.Cafe 


by BlabCafe