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It was launched on 29 May 2003, it was known as Toons and Tunes[original research?] for a month, it was rebranded as Pop in June 2003.[citation needed] Links in between programmes featured a Scottish-accented dragon named Rory (who was originally called Tricky and appeared in the CITV series Tricky and spoke with an English accent) and his cat Purrdy.

Originally, the channel was mainly music videos until February 2004, when cartoons were first shown. Music videos were kept on the channel, but were then dropped entirely during mid-2006. They were later revived in early 2007, but only during a 60-minute slot called "Pop Party", now on Pop Girl.[original research?]

In October 2006, a further change was added: Now the all cap letters ("!" included) are in 3D and are shown dancing or chasing each other and eventually spelling out the logo "POP!". This ident was set to music very similar to the song Yakety Sax, though this was changed after a few months, perhaps due to the similarity.[original research?]

In September 2008, Pop changed its logo to purple and red and aired different shows.

Some of the programmes on Pop have previously screened on other UK channels (and hence it's assumed that the previous rights to show have lapsed); some have not been screened in the UK before. In some cases, the channel which previously broadcast a programme is now defunct (such as TCCDiscovery Kids and Toonami).[citation needed]

On 11 October 2007, Pop was launched onto Virgin Media, along with its sister channel Tiny Pop.[original research?]

In 2008, Pop was made available on the then newly launched Freesat platform.[original research?]

Pop was removed from Virgin Media on 28 February 2011 so that True Entertainment could launch.[2] However, Pop relaunched on Virgin Media on August 25, 2016, along with Movie Mix and Movies4Men.

Although they are now rarely aired in favour of newer content, POP is the sole television channel in the UK to air shows made by now-defunct animation studio DiC.


A channel with a mission to share the fun, POP is full of laughter, adventure and exploration for kids aged 4-9.



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