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What We Go Through Is More Than Just A Situation

(What We Go Through Is More Than Just A Situation)

Life is very beautiful, some people may disagree but it’s how you look at life. If you let every little thing get to you, you’re not going to enjoy it. Things will always come to break your stride if they didn’t, this world would be perfect, unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, so you can expect some stuff. How you handle what comes is what will make the difference in your life and the lives of others.

You must first love yourself before you can love anyone else. Whenever we go through a situation no matter how unpleasant, we’re not just going through for ourselves but for someone else as well. You see what we learn as a result of that particular situation is not only going to make a difference in our life but because of our experience we are now in a better position to help someone else. We can prevent someone from going through the same thing that we went through.

Some people are not as strong as others, so what you went through and came out of, someone else may not. So we really should not complain when we’re going through stuff, what we really should do is ask God if we’re supposed to be in this situation, since sometimes we end up in situations that we’re not supposed to be in and secondly what does He want us to learn from this experience. The goal of Every experience is to come out victorious, and once we have learnt what we’re supposed to, that’s victory, and you find that the next time a situation like that arises you can handle it a lot better as a result of your last experience.

Too many people allow themselves to become overwhelmed by what they go through. If God didn’t think you could handle it you most likely wouldn’t be in it.

This takes us to the solution, our faith in Jesus. Without faith in Him we’re nothing we can try what we want it will not help, we may get temporary relief but everyone wants a permanent solution to their problem. That permanent solution is faith in Jesus.

We tend to turn to Him mostly and for some of us only, when we have problems, it ought not to be so. We should turn to God all the time in good times and bad. He loves us He wants to be our friend but He’s a gentleman so He won’t bulldoze His way into our hearts. We must invite Him in, we must want Him around. It’s like any relationship the more time you spend together the closer you become, the less time you spend together the more distant you become from each other.

In order to get closer to God you’ve got to know Him, in order to know Him, you’ve got to study (not just read) His word. Because you can’t really know someone, without having a relationship with them.

So the solution to every problem is not just Jesus, but faith in Him. Get to know Him He already knows you, make Him your friend for life. Trust me you will never regret it.

by Jc Vibes