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Words Of Encouragement

Channel: Christmatic Connectz
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You Can Make It

To the person who is sad, depressed and maybe even suicidal. I would like you to give me a couple minutes of your time. I want you to know that, you’re not as messed up or as bad as you think you are. There’s beauty on the inside and out of you. You’re a wonderful human being with a lot to offer to society. It matters not what you’ve been through or may still be going through. The most important thing is that you’re alive and that’s a great accomplishment, cause where there is life there’s hope, where there is hope, there’s opportunity and where there is opportunity the sky is the limit.
Don’t limit yourself because of what you may have been through or beacause of negative words spoken to you by someone. 

This is your life and you determine with the help of Jesus whether you are a success or not, and I am here to tell you no matter what has been thrown your way you are not a failure. You may have made mistakes like the rest of us and if you haven’t already, you must learn and move forward to a better future.
You were created to be a success. You were born with gifts, talents and abilities. You will progress in life, circumstances will not hold you back unless you allow them to and I urge you, don’t allow them to. 

Start to shake up and wake up, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and most important spiritually. If you need a friend, a confidant. Call on Jesus now, not later, He won’t tell your secrets, He will listen, He cares and is concerned about every aspect of your life. Give your life to Him and watch your life transform into something unimaginably beautiful. 

If you want to live and not exist.
Choose Jesus
If you want more joy and peace of mind.
Choose Jesus
If you want to be able to smile again
Choose Jesus
If you want to add value to your life
Choose Jesus

Don’t leave this world with regrets, instead leave this world knowing you lived a fulfilling life, a life of positive passion and caring convictions. 

by Jc Vibes