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Message to the social media stars of tomorrow! was only launched live last year and we already have a huge user base. We have recently secured a large investment from the US and the media are already predicting that we are going to be massive. 

We pitched ourselves as the portal for the 'next generation' of Youtube stars - those content creators, vloggers, entrpreneurs and artists who are looking for:
a) A bigger share of ad/sponsor revenue 
b) More artistic control and customisation enablement over their 'channel'
c) The ability to create other revenue streams through their channel
d) The enablement to be able to schedule live broadcasts on a multi-chat platform to an unlimited audience - Private or public
e) No set up fees or monthly subscriptions to pay out to keep their channel running
f) A channel that can also display their images, written content and be able to share downloadable content as well as video content and live broadcasts
g) A portal where the founders bend over backwards to help market and PR their channel owners to grow their brand
We differ from other portals  as our live broadcasting platform allows you to interact with up to 5 of your unlimited viewing audience - you can swap people around and call others to your video stage. Its great for debates and Q&A's. Your live broadcasts/shows are also automatically recorded. You can also charge your viewers (you set pay per view prices) for video or downloadable content or live shows. We also have a revolutionary 'fan funding' button that channel owners can activate to allow your viewers to leave you a 'gratuity/donation.' This is proving to be a huge money spinner for content creators as its allowing your viewers to pay at their discretion without being forced to watch ads.
As a channel owner you can also design and update your channel home page at anytime and also make your own ad/sponsor deals and take all the fees!
We dont charge our channel owners to use the portal - we monetise only when you monetise via Pay-per-view/gratuity fees you make - and we take a much smaller cut that certain other portals take!
We would love to help get you started on and value your feedback at this early stage of our launch. You will look back and credit yourself with being  creative artists who were amongst the first channel owners. We have lots of ideas about where your channel could lead you and see you have an even bigger future ahead of you if you join us.
Let us know when we can get you started -
The founders of