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Happy Mother’s Day to every mom and single dad in the nation, and to all the mommies in heaven we hope you have a blessed day.

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday’s commercialization and spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. While dates and celebrations vary, Mother’s Day most commonly falls on the second Sunday in May and traditionally involves presenting mothers with flowers, cards, and other gifts.


Top story

Teen Gets even with her Molester

Story is that the creepy uncle had been molesting the teen for years before she ran away and she could never prove that her uncle had been touching her, she was telling and asking for help but nobody believed her, so she decided to use his own technology to catch him she had him buy her stuff he didn’t know how to use or turn off and she got the whole gross situation on video and streamed it live from her mother’s Facebook and tagged everyone at her job in it.

And sent it to the police station, she’s safe and everybody involved is now locked up and she’s getting the help that she needs.

In funny hood news

The mom who got paid

Story is that this mom filed for child support and has been waiting for a check for 5 children, her estranged baby daddy who left her and the state the first day she decided she had enough of his shit and put him on child support, they were allegedly together for 12 years at the same address, which in the state of Pennsylvania is a common law marriage well he hit the lottery in another state for some big money him and his new wife was so happy until 14 years of back child support and a bigtime bang on the fines from not paying for 14 years at a whopping 160,000 dollars and he has 2 wives now and that’s illegal too, the court fried him like a piece of Sunday ham and he’s got 5 years on top of damn near all the money goes to his first family and the new wife is paying all the fines, wow maybe she should have investigated him before the I-do. 

Breaking News Story

There is a Facebook video of a raciest group beating and hanging a young black girl please do not feed share or watch it the more views it gets the more they get paid for it do not put money in their pockets for such hate it is clearly a message to all people of color I pray that the video is a hoax but if it isn’t I will not support the pockets of someone who would do a thing like this and will not support the murder of a black person. Why would you hood? If one of us put a video out murdering a white person in a hate crime way our ancestors would be under the jail now right now. So, don’t support any hate on us.



In other news

75-year-old mom gets a new house from all 12 of her children for Mother’s Day

Story is that this beautiful woman raised her 12 children in this section 8 house after her husband died and she went on to raise her grandchildren and great grandchildren she put at least 5 children thru college and all the others has good city jobs. Section 8 gave her notice that she would have to pay over $ 1500.00 in rent since her kids weren’t in Adults and her great grandchildren were not living there so they evicted granny and only gave her 60 days to get 3 generations of family memories from the house. So, her children put together and brought her a brand new 2-bedroom house just for her and her cats.

“She won’t have to pay anybody’s rent ever” says her daughter and now is working on her mom’s new car so she can get around without catching septa transit.


Mother’s Day station poll

Things mom shouldn’t do for Mother’s Day according to a 10-people asked by Hood 2 Hood Station

  1. Argue
  2. Stress
  3. Be caught up in drama
  4. Cook
  5. Do laundry
  6. Kids
  7. House Work
  8. Serve others
  9. Pay for anything
  10. Dance naked in the streets


Answer to the Facebook Poll

And the answer to the station poll no it is no ok for a grown man to tickle another according to you viewers thank you for participating.


Hood weather report

The heat is on the way I told you its planting season get you pony tails and low cuts ready don’t get overheated and remember to hydrate but no with Aquafina or Dasani

Hood Stock report


Loosies are up in Darby with a fair price compared to the hood, cigarette prices by the box is

$ 2.30 in Philadelphia that’s why loosies cost more in the hood but now Darby is popping with the 75 cent loosies 3 for 2 more people are walking up here to get loosies it will either drive the $1.00 per loosie price in the hood.

GOGO is down due to the cheap chicks dancing for access cards and pin numbers charging triple the food stamp value for lap dances and other acts that need to be paid for, so ladies watch your food stamp card it is now a new flip.

Food stamps   are up due to everybody accepting them as a form of cash payment for all kinds of goods.

Street goods Are rising due to all the partying in the local clubs and bars in the hood so be careful.


Hood Senior News

Some senior citizens only qualify for $ 16.00 in food stamps because they own their houses or have a certain insurance so with that budget and paying their own bills some have been buying cat and dog food to supplement their meat, it is a hard thing to afford more than 1 day of meat or must choose between medication and food to take the meds so feed your seniors go look in the cabinets be nosy be the family member who comes by and check feel me.


Hood Entertainment News


Get ready to get your Jaws tight will now be on Thursday’s at 9pm now so check out your girl Keisha Green at her new time.

DD gamble is now taking over the Ebony alert for missing minority people over 12 years old it will be during her show tomorrow the TMI Report @ 9pm you can get updated on all the missing people we report about.

And Hood Health’s Kia Harrell is Testing Water Part 2 so send your suggestions in for the water you like to see tested or send the water in to the station contact us so you can get your water tested.

Or get your water ionizer from Maison @ or contact Kia Harrell at the station for clean water info

And don’t forget Malik’s enchanted fragrance if you mention the hood health show with Kia Harrell you get 15% off all purchases.


Congratulations to all the Mother’s Day new mommies and congratulations to all the mothers who gave birth in the month of May.


 Next week when we will be giving you stories from people who have social anxiety disorder and how to recognize it in your hood.

So, don’t forget to check out your ebony alert with DD gamble during her show the TMI report tomorrow to get updated on missing ebony people.

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