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Happy New Year from H2H Station

Top Story:

Hackers Delight

Theft & Fraud are at an all-time high in 2018 as scammers find news ways to hack you and take all your Information, even if you don’t have any money for them to steal you still have an identity.

 You don’t want to wake up and find out the hard way that somebody is using all your information to enter and stay here. I don’t know why with the way everything that’s going on in our government is being tweeted.

So, watch giving out any information over the phone or ordering off the internet income tax season is hacking season.

So here are 8 tips on staying safe.

  1. Watch what you order from the Internet no matter how secure you think it is.
  2. Go out to the store and shop with cash or order by phone with a sales rep, you can set a budget and secure your identity.
  3. Watch your computer is calling me because of a virus phone call and the united states government grant.
  4. For the people who use apps or the computer to check your account balance please keep and follow your receipts entering your information to check your account can put you at risk.
  5. And when paying a bill use a check cashing service I know it’s very long lines but it’s the same fee and you can usually swipe your debit card.
  6. Update the 4-digit codes and passwords to your accounts before there is a wave of hackers asking you to do it before the IRS opens after that hackers are so busy it’s more money.
  7. When doing business this time of year don’t trust the computer talk to a rep or agent you get safer better results you can sue for if it doesn’t turn out right.
  8. Avoid pre-paid debit cards they are the easiest to hack some of them are completely unsecure.











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Neighborhood News Story:

Too Ironic

In south Philadelphia Woman Lies to her husband of 8 years about her recent pregnancy in this time of pregnancy she had hidden it from him saying she was gaining weight and eating too much.

He wasn’t paying any attention to his wife he was busy attending to his illegal business 5 doors down from his home. Well his wife gives birth in the house while he’s out calla the police and goes to the hospital leaving the house a bloody crazy scene.

When the husband comes home to the bloody crazy looking home he does not know what to assume

He goes into a fit of rage and call’s the police and confesses to all the illegal activity’s he was in and where all his work & trap houses were located and who was working for him. He was under the assumption that harm had come to his wife due to all his activities and the police let him confess openly, after his confession they arrested him booked him shut down all his work the after he seen the judge 4 days later then they told him about his wife and new baby, he is now currently fight this case in court I’ll keep you updated on his progress.


Hood Funny Emergency Room Story

Granny Goes Wild

In South West Philadelphia a 93-year-old great grandmother raped her grandson-in-law after she noticed he was drunk on the couch her granddaughter was also drunk, but she managed to get upstairs in her bedroom and pass out.

 While her 37-year-old granddaughter was asleep Grand mom was downstairs molesting her great granddaughter man with extreme freak tendencies according to the 17-year-old witness who reported the story to us.

Granny tied the man down to the couch and forced sex on him and for at least 10-15 minutes he was enjoying himself in the dark living room, the noise alerted the 17-year-old to investigate the sound they both seemed to be enjoying themselves until the 17 year older turned the light on Just to catch her Mother’s boyfriend and her Great Grandmother in a serious mix.

The 32-year-old man from west Philadelphia went into a hysterical fit screaming his head off waking his girlfriend who was speechless with the news of her grandmother raping her boyfriend, the 17-year-old had to be treated at children’s hospital of Philadelphia for an asthma attack from laughing too much.






 Extended ER Story

Freezer Burn

Man get frost bite on his top buttocks from sagging during this winter cold the ER had to remove the frost bite from the man’s coccyx area and the whole top the buttocks had severe freezer burn the person was treated and sent home and told to keep his butt covered.



#H2H Station News

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In other station news

Our Ebony Alert #GOSEA , Has new recognition with the missing persons department of the Philadelphia police stay tuned for our recent missing people .

   Missing Juvenile – Mychelle Diaz – From the 15th District

Jan 4, 2018 at 8:00 AM  Tags: 15th DistrictMissing JuvenileMychelle Diaz

The Philadelphia Police Department needs the public’s assistance in locating 15-year-old Missing Juvenile Mychelle Diaz. She was last seen on Friday, December 22th, 2017, on the 2200 block of Pratt Street.

Mycelle is 5’4″, 160 lbs., small build, brown eyes, medium complexion, and black (below the shoulder) straight hair. She was wearing a red shirt, black jeans, and red sneakers.

Anyone with any information on Mycelle’s whereabouts is asked to please contact Northeast Detective Division at 215-686-3153 or call 911.



Also Missing

      Missing Person – Aniyah Scott – From the 2nd District

Dec 26, 2017 at 8:38 AM  Tags: 2nd DistrictAniyah Scottmissing person

The Philadelphia Police Department needs the public’s assistance in locating 16-year-old Missing Person Aniyah Scott. She was last seen on Saturday, December 23rd, 2017, at Deveraux and Large Street.

Aniyah is 5’6″, 180 lbs., small build, brown eyes, medium complexion, and brown braided hair. She was wearing a pink hoody, black adidas and rainbow pants. She is also reported to suffer from ADHD.

Anyone with any information on Aniyah’s whereabouts is asked to please contact Northeast Detective Division at 215-686-3153 or call 911.


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